Money Mindset & Life Coach for Women

Hi I'm Meaghan Jean Smith

I am a life coach.  I specialise in helping women create an intentional abundant life.  You don’t have to be rich to live an abundant life but you do have to have an abundant mindset to know how to the create the extraordinary life you want to live on purpose.

I want you to know I have been right where you are now.  It’s not that my life was particularly bad, but I was unhappy.  I wasn’t living the life that I wanted.  I had that sinking feeling that I was capable of more, wanted more and yet felt like it was somehow not within my reach to achieve.

I thought if I could just earn more money or change my circumstances then I could be happy.  I turned to food, watching the TV every night and drinking a wine or two to numb my true feelings of dissatisfaction with my life.

At one stage I tried working with a psychologist but rehashing what wasn’t working in my life wasn’t what I needed to live an intentional life.

I started working with a life coach, who taught me how to change my mindset. Make change from within instead of turning to external circumstances and substances to make me happy. Slowly but surely, I worked on my mindset until I got to a place where I felt an inner confidence and love for myself and my life.

I learnt how to deliberately create what I wanted- intentional abundance. 

Creating the lifestyle and money to match from a place of having rather than a place of not having enough.

Armed with these new mindset tools I was able to tap into showing up authentically and start doing the things I felt passionate about, even if it was scary to do so.

That’s when I started the Money Mindful podcast.  I wanted to help other women learn about money and create the space to see that it is possible to live in intentional abundance.  To create the perfect life for you with the income to match.

I also used the tools to help me make big changes in my life.  To go from a good life as a teacher to an amazing life as a life coach where I now get to help other women create the extraordinary life they want to live on purpose.

If this story resonates with you, I would love to help you live in intentional abundance and create the extraordinary life you want to live on purpose.

I won’t give you affirmations to write out everyday or make you do any crazy stuff you don’t want to.  What I will do is show up for you 100%.  I will show you your mind and why exactly you have the life you have now.  Then I will help you remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs you have so that you can deliberately achieve the life you want to live on purpose, whatever that is for you.

For example, you might want to change careers but you also struggle with over eating.  As a professional life and weight loss coach certified through The Life Coach School I am trained to coach you on any topic.  You might have one main goal that you want to work on but need a bit of help in other areas of your life too.  I create the space for you to work on all of it.

It’s like having a friend to talk to who understands you and can teach you the exact tools you need but also doesn’t buy into any of the BS stories you make up about your limitations.

If you want my help the first step is to sign up for a complimentary consultation with me.