Life coaching for women who want to make change

Do you feel like you want more from your life but you don’t know how to do it?

Despite your life looking good on the surface, you crave more, want more and have a sinking feeling that you are not reaching your full potential.

Maybe this looks like:

>Feeling stressed or unhappy in your job
>Feeling a lack of confidence or discomfort about your post baby body image
>Feeling overwhelmed and too busy to create time for things you really want to do
>You have a dream you want to pursue but you never seem to be able to create the time to achieve it
>You are under earning and never quite seem to have enough money to fulfil your dreams
>You want to have a healthy relationship with yourself
>You want to have a healthy relationship with money

I help women create the extraordinary life they want to live on purpose.

This private one to one coaching is for you:

>If you want to stop doubting yourself and just go for what you want
>If you want to have a healthy relationship with yourself
>If you want to feel like you love being exactly the person that you are
>If you want to have a healthy relationship with money and create intentional abundance
>If you want to show up authentically and live the extraordinary life you really want
>If you are ready to create the life you want on purpose, even if it feels scary to do it
>If you are curious about coaching and just have that feeling that it is right for you

This is not for you:

>If you don’t want to commit to going for what you really want
>If you are not willing to change
>If you don’t want to use thought work to make lasting change in your life



What I know for certain is this:

When you decide to commit to living your life intentionally:

You get to create the life that is perfect for you.

You get to create a comfort with your life and yourself that says ‘everything I want is available to me’.

You don’t have to be rich to be abundant.

It’s totally possible to take yourself from a scarcity mindset (I don’t have enough, I am not good enough) to an abundant mindset (I have everything I want and more, I am enough) using the coaching tools I teach you.

I focus on money in my podcast because I believe it is an area that shows up how we value ourselves.  I think so many of us women sell ourselves short.

We think we are not capable, worthy or good enough to have the extraordinary life we want to live on purpose.

When we take the time to create awareness about ourselves and the life we are creating, it puts us in a powerful position to change and shape our life intentionally.

What if I told you that all the stuff we believe about ourselves (I’m not good enough, I’ve never been good with money, my partner earns more money and I could never earn that much) is all horse sh*t and made up!

I know, I know, right now it feels very real, like it is the truth of your life but what if it wasn’t the truth?

What if the life that you dream of, feeling good about yourself, earning the income you want in a way that suits the lifestyle you want to live with your family is totally available to you?

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because you are believing the lies you tell yourself; that you don’t have enough or that you’re not good enough or don’t have enough time etc…. you fill in the blank.

I get it, I understand what it feels like to feel out of control of the life you are living.  Feeling like you want more and want to change but you don’t know how.

The reason coaching is so transformational is because it doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you were taught in your childhood or your current life circumstances.

What matters is how you think about it.  Coaching teaches you how to go straight to the core of your beliefs and then change them to create the perfect life for you.

I am living the perfect life for me, filled with love, adventure, time in nature with my kids, enough time, enough money and the belief that I am enough.

I am living in intentional abundance.

I would love to help you create that for yourself too, however it looks for you.

Here’s what my clients say

Shauna Feehan

Meaghan, just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the coaching sessions I shared with you.   You made me realize that the only thing stopping me in my life, is myself  (or rather, my thoughts and associated feelings).   With the help of your coaching, I am now focusing on feeling the feelings.
Life is already turning around.
I love your open door policy and will remain in touch.


Anna Wallner

Meaghan is the perfect coach for me.
She has a way of seeing everything that is blocking me in my progress, and taking me through it.  My mind-drama, the reasons I procrastinate, why I don't take decisions... She's got my back!
I seriously would NEVER reach my goals in the pace I do now, if I did not have her to help me.
I will be a client for life!


Tonya Hunt

Meaghan, thanks for coaching me on my neighborhood relationship issues.  Your coaching was very effective in helping me to see how I was beating myself up and not doing what I could do “planning things out and speaking up for myself” - it was so good to gain that clarity!
You were very compassionate in helping me to see what was there.
Thanks again - You are an awesome Life Coach!

Baltimore MD, USA

Hope Pollock

Meaghan coaches with authenticity and humor, making it easy to see my thoughts and feel safe to share them.
Our sessions left me feeling empowered and heard.


What does it look like to work with me?

It all starts with a complimentary consultation.

This 45-minute session is your opportunity to experience a little bit of coaching with me.  You get to tell me about you and what you want to change.  After this I will tell you all the details about the coaching packages I offer, what would be most suitable for you and whether or not we would make a good fit.

The details

The private coaching is not a specific program you must follow.  I work one to one with you and provide personalised coaching, tailored to suit exactly what you want to work on.
You will receive weekly, 45-minute coaching sessions, for the duration of your package.
You will be provided with all the tools and resources you need that are relevant to you.
Whether that be achieving a goal, working on your money mindset, losing weight or creating a healthy relationship with yourself and the life you want to live on purpose.

6 months one to one coaching package- this package is a deep dive into creating permanent change in your life.  You will define your purpose, create the goal you want to work to on, make it as good as done and learn all the tools in-between so that you are completely empowered to continue creating what you want in all areas of your life.  You design the life that you want.  Then I teach you the tools to create it.